Believes OLD

The world is in trouble.

Traditional corporations driven by soulless Boomer values have driven our planet to the brink. All the while, pretending to be the good guys. You know the ones.

Something has to change.

It’s time

the real good guys — those hardworking, honest and misunderstood Buen Vatos who really care about their people, their community and their planet — took matters into their own hands.

And that’s where we come in.

Buen Vato

A humble tequila always striving for a better way.

Sure, we might be a just humble tequila, but we hope to be so much more than that.

We Believe

That We can set an example.

To inspire the spirits industry to put sustainability at the heart of the top shelf.

And to show how good guys don’t always come in conventional packages.

So, to all our Buen Vato brothers and sisters, now is the time to act

We are powered by a very simple idea: Things can change.

There is always a better way. Do it with passion but with purpose.

On our own, we might be just a humble tequila. Together we are unstoppable.

Do you have ideas how can we improve?

BUEN VATO is the sustainable choice. Sustainability is our driver; tequila is our medium. We will demonstrate it’s possible to achieve a collective good, while making an exceptional tequila at fair prices.