Tips to create more sustainable cocktails

Sustainability is at the center of many discussions. Luckily! Because minimizing the negative social and environmental impact of corporations but also of daily activities needs to be a priority.

Even the drinks that we consume have a carbon footprint, but Buen Vato is convinced that it is possible to enjoy alcoholic beverages in a more sustainable way possible. So here are three simple tips or ideas to prepare more sustainable cocktails.

  1. Check the products that you buy

The first step is to do conscious shopping. Today is easy to check the labels of the products and get information about the producers. Such as all that we buy, it’s important to verify if the products, like spirits, are responsible to the environment and the society in their production and distribution processes and with their packages. Does this take longer? Maybe, but the world needs it.

  1. Zero waste cocktails

Fruits and vegetables can give interesting notes to our cocktails, and we can sustainably use them. Avoid exotic fruits and use local and seasonal products. Use the whole product, from the leaves to the skin, and buy some of them that people discard because they don´t look perfect. Another tip is to use dried fruits and herbs or fermented drinks to avoid perishable ingredients.

  1. Fewer residues, please!

In recent years we have seen the devastating effect of residues on the environment. Fortunately, people use fewer and fewer straws in their drinks. Avoid elements like paper umbrellas or napkins, you can be creative in your cocktail’s decoration with fruit waste, for example. Although we can recycle, it´s better don´t generate residues.

So, let’s raise your glass and say: Here’s to Change!

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